Family, Couples, Maternity Investment

Collection I

30 Edited Digital Images
Print Release
Up to 60 Minutes
2-3 Locations
3 Outfits
Style Guide
$50 Print Credit


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Selecting your photos

After your session, you will receive access to your full gallery to pick your favorite photos for final editing. If you choose more than what is included in your package, you have the option to upgrade. This allows you flexibility in selecting your favorite photos within your budget. Upgrades start at $125 for 5 more images.

Printing Services

All digital images will be delivered through an online gallery with your own personalized link. Images can be downloaded directly through that site to be printed or stored however you desire. In addition, I offer professional, high-quality printing options through this portal as well. You can share the link with family and friends, and they can order prints directly from your online gallery.


How will I receive my photos?

I use an online photo gallery service to deliver photos at a high quality. It is imperative the photos are properly downloaded, rather than saved through a screen shot, to get the highest quality print. If you choose a printing packages as well, those will be delivered through the mail.

How quickly will I receive my photos?

Photography is not my sole career so I can only work on photos when I am not working my other position. I guarantee to have your full album delivered to you within a month of the session. Printing Packages may take up to 2 months to be delivered.

Can I order prints on my own?

Certainly! However, I can ensure the highest quality prints if you order directly through me. This is an extra service I offer to my clients to ensure you receive high quality prints.

Can I customize your packages?

Absolutely! I am happy to accommodate any special requests that I can! Let's chat!

Do I need to have a location set for photos?

No, but I am happy to try new places. Keep in mind that some parks and museums have photography fees in place or certain restrictions that may prohibit us from using that location. It is always worth exploring!