About Me

Hello, this is me! I am so happy you are here. I started my photography journey in 2006 when my parents gifted me my first camera/camcorder. I took pictures of everything and started playing with different editing software. It amazes me how young we can start to find interests we are passionate about, but here I am. In 2015 I saved my money up to purchase my first DSLR. From there I started taking pictures of friends and family, and people started noticing and wanted to book me. I invested in education and mentorships with some of the top photographers in the area and opened my business in 2020.

I attended Virginia Tech where I studied Agricultural Sciences, but I am a believer of lifelong education, and thus you may find that I love trying new things, photography included. So do not be afraid to throw your wild ideas at me! I have always had a creative side from musical interests to arts and crafts. I even wrote and illustrated a children's book. My husband and I married in 2019 and gave birth to our daughter in 2022. Now I have the perfect little model!

So why HER Image? Before I married, my initials were HER. It was always a fun piece to share about me growing up. When it came to naming my business, I wanted to think of a creative way to incorporate my name as a play on words. My work is literally and figuratively through her image. I also wanted to leave it open to move beyond the typical photography business to offer additional services in the future.

Portrait of Photographer with Camera

My Favorite Things

  • My family (paws included)
  • Plants
  • Foxes
  • Petting random dogs in public
  • Taylor Swift
  • Virginia Tech Hokies!
  • Organizing
  • McDonald's Frappes
  • Singing to the shower or my steering wheel

Ethan & Kat

Hannah was awesome to work with and the product was phenomenal! Kat Cochran and I wanted to make sure we could incorporate our dogs into our session and she was so patient and friendly with them. They were more well behaved than we could have hoped for, and I give all the credit to Hannah! We are also very happy with how the pictures came out and have been so excited to share them with family and friends. 100% recommend.